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    • July 30
      In total, through the model of the ‘Our Father’ as Jesus’ teaching on prayer, we can discern 6-steps – 1) Make Time; 2) Listen; 3) See our time with God as intimate time between a parent and a child to create the proper disposition for prayer. And as we look at this Sunday, the content of our prayer should include 4) learning to see and trust God’s will for us; 5) asking him to meet our daily needs and those of others in our petitionary prayer and thanking him for his work in our lives; and 5) to make repentance and forgiveness always a part of our lives, which is why our Sign of Peace is always such an important symbol of our willingness to seek peace with all, as God has done with us through the sacrifice of his only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
    • July 23
      As mentioned in this week's homily, we will spend two weeks delving into Jesus' teaching on prayer. Here are the 3-points for your consideration this week: 1) Make time for prayer - make prayer time a daily part of your routine! 2) Remember to whom it is that we pray - God our loving Father, not just a distant, impersonal being in the universe, but a God who desires a personal relationship with all of us. 3) Learn to Listen - spend time in silence with our Lord, and listen to his voice - prayer should be a two-way conversation!
    • July 23
      In Sunday's gospel, the disciples ask Jesus to 'teach them to pray'. In reply, Jesus teaches them the Lord's Prayer, the 'Our Father'. This is the perfect prayer given to us by Jesus himself. Do we just recite the prayer on autopilot from memory, or do we pray it with fervent attention and devotion?
    • July 16
      On this 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time, we hear the story of Jesus' meeting with Martha and Mary. It is a good lesson to us all to slow down, and 'smell the roses'. Jesus calls us all to take time each day to leave our worries aside, and to spend some quality time in prayer with Him.
    • July 9
      On this 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, we hear in our gospel the famous parable of the Good Samaritan. May it always be a reminder to us of how Jesus has gone above and beyond for us, just as the Good Samaritan goes above and beyond to save and care for the injured man he meets along the road. Let us always do likewise, loving our neighbour as ourselves (Lk 10:27).