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    • July 5
      For the summer, we will only have a 1 bulletin in July, and 1 in August as things slow down around here during the summer. July's bulletin is available here.
    • June 23
      Fr. Dave & Dc. Philip will be blessing cars after every Mass this weekend (June 23-24). Come out and have God's blessing bestowed upon your vehichle!
    • June 23
      Please note that because of our hosting of Sir Edgar Bauer's graduation in the evening, this Tuesday's Mass (June 26th) will be at 12:15pm rather than 7:00pm.
    • June 6
      REMINDER: This Thursday's Mass (Jun 6) will be at 8am rather than 12:15pm to avoid parking issues as we will be hosting election polls in our church hall.
    • May 29
      This weekend a letter was read in all parishes across the Diocese explaining the lost funding that our Catholic organizations (particularly our camps) have experienced because they refuse to renounce their pro-life convictions. If you wish to make a donation, you can make cheques payable to 'St. Michael's Parish', and mark the envelope as 'Summer Jobs Program'.